The police wants to meet with you, you just got arrested or you have received a summons, appearance notice or promise to appear in court and you are wondering what to do?




People wrongly believe that not talking to police will be interpreted as having done something wrong or as an admission of guilt. This is not the case. It is a fundamental right and not a single judge will criticize you for doing so. It is important to look at things more calmly before making an informed decision, after having consulted your lawyer, about whether or not to provide explanations regarding the alleged offence. If explanations are to be given, they will be expressed before the court and not to police officers. Unfortunately, even today, too many people make a statement thinking it is the best thing to do, but more often than not they are undermining their case and limiting their chance of being acquitted or obtaining a more lenient sentence.


Criminal procedures are long, often complex and can have disastrous consequences in your life. Legal procedures are long. And the consequences can be disastrous in your life. There are people who wrongly believed they had no legal defences available to them but in fact they had, and they pleaded guilty when they could have been acquitted. There are other people who are actually guilty but were unaware they could have asked for a discharge, but now they have a criminal record. Avoid making these mistakes. Consult a lawyer.


Whether it is to be acquitted, avoid a criminal record, obtain a more lenient sentence or avoid going to jail, please contact us, we will give you a clear overview of your best options and make every effort to achieve the desired objective.