Does your criminal record prevent you from entering the United States? Do you need to go there on business? You wish to visit family or friends? Do you wish to spend your vacation in the U.S.? Apply for a waiver.




It is possible to obtain a waiver that will allow you to enter the United States for a period determined by the American authorities. You do not have to obtain your record suspension (pardon application) in Canada before proceeding, although it may be advisable to do so. However, not everyone can wait for the suspension process to be completed, either because of business or work travel, or family obligations.


Preparing a waiver application can seem very complicated. That’s why we will take care of almost everything for you and guide you through the steps that only you can do (fingerprinting). We will take the time to meet with you and gather all the information necessary to carry out our mandate so that you can have peace of mind. Then, we will ensure a regular follow-up with you on the progress of the preparation of your file.


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