You are in the process of separation or divorce and wish to resolve this situation amicably?




Mtre Ioanna Lianis, lawyer and accredited family mediator, offers family mediation services that promote exchanges between the parties in order to reach an agreement without the intervention of the courts. She is a member of the Association des médiateurs familiaux du Québec (AMFQ) and its advertising and public relations committee.


Since communication between spouses can be more difficult in a situation of separation or divorce, mediation gives the opportunity to freely exchange views in a favourable climate for discussion. The role of the family mediator is to act impartially so that the parties may come to an agreement on legal aspects in a spirit of good cooperation where the interests of both parties are taken into account.


As part of the family mediation program of the Ministère de la Justice, you could be eligible for up to 5 hours of free family mediation, if you have a child of minor age, or a dependent child aged 18 or above, to help you make informed decisions and resolve sensitive issues amicably:

  • Parenting time or custody, residence of the children and access to the children
  • Decision-making responsibility or parental authority
  • Financial responsibilities toward the children (child support)
  • Financial responsibilities between de facto spouses or spouses (spousal support)
  • Division of property
  • Division of the family patrimony
  • Settlement of the matrimonial regime


You could also be eligible for up to 2 hours 30 minutes of family mediation free of charge to revise an existing agreement or settle a dispute arising in the application of this agreement.


If you are a couple with no common dependent children, you may also seek recourse to mediation by an accredited family mediator to facilitate separation or divorce, and benefit from 3 hours of free mediation as part of an enhancement to the family mediation program of the Ministère de la Justice, from February 18, 2021 to June 30, 2022.


We can also represent you for an application for approval of an agreement (child support, division of property, etc.), or your divorce proceedings.


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