You are in the process of separation or divorce and wish to settle this situation amicably?




Mtre Ioanna Lianis, lawyer and accredited family mediator, member of the Association des médiateurs familiaux du Québec (AMFQ), provides family mediation services that promote exchanges between the parties to reach an agreement amicably without court intervention.


Since communication between spouses can be more difficult in a separation or divorce situation, mediation allows exchanging views freely in a favourable climate for discussion. The family mediator’s role is to act impartially so that the parties may reach an agreement on legal aspects in a spirit of good cooperation where the interests of both parties are taken into account.


The mediator ensures that each party communicates its needs and expectations to help them make informed decisions on the following matters:

  • Parenting time or custody, residence of the children, and access to the children
  • Decision-making responsibility or parental authority
  • Financial responsibilities toward the children (child support)
  • Financial responsibilities between de facto spouses or spouses (spousal support)
  • Division of property
  • Division of the family patrimony
  • Settlement of the matrimonial regime


Where the parties have agreed on the appropriate decisions, the mediator will draft a written agreement of the matters agreed upon by the parties.


Former spouses who wish to modify their agreement or a court judgment (child support, parenting time or child custody, etc.), or settle a dispute relating to the application of their agreement, can also call upon family mediation services.


As part of family mediation, Mtre Lianis can prepare the following procedures:

  • Joint application for homologation of an agreement
  • Joint application for review
  • Joint application for divorce
  • Joint application for review of accessory measures
  • Application for cancellation of support payments


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Mtre Ioanna Lianis, Lawyer and Mediator

Mtre Ioanna Lianis
Lawyer and mediator